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Challenger 300/350 Operational Landing Distance Training

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1 - 2 hours to complete

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About Course

The Bombardier Challenger 300/350 Operational Landing Distance course provides operators with the information to complete the Runway Overrun and Global Reporting Format (GRF) and OLD (Operational Landing Distance) in-flight time of arrival calculations, as required by EASA. ICAO has mandated that all member states implement the GRF on November 5, 2021. Transport Canada and EASA have an earlier implementation date of August 12, 2021 due to winter conditions. The course content conforms with the content requirements outlined in the proposed EASA regulation CAT.OP.MPA.311 Reporting on Runway Braking Action, CAT.OP.MPA.300 Approach and Landing Conditions – Aeroplanes, and CAT.OP.MPA.303 Acceptable Means of Compliance. These regulations require operators to complete a time of arrival landing distance calculation including the requirement to add an additional 15% to calculated landing distance using new operational landing distance tables. For FAA and ICAO countries, the additional 15% calculated landing distance is recommended.

Who is this course for?

Flight Ops

Learning Objectives

  • Landing Runway Overrun and ICAO Global Reporting Format
  • OLD In-Flight Calculations

Course Outline

Challenger 300/350 Operational Landing Distance Training