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Challenger 605 Advanced Avionics/650 Data Link

Quantity 1 Course - Access duration 1 year from date of receipt of payment.

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1 - 2 hours to complete

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About Course

This course introduces the concepts, functions and operations of optional Challenger data link systems.

Who is this course for?

Flight Ops

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the general concepts of data link communication
  • Access data link functions including FANS, ATN CPDLC, AOC CORP, and ATS
  • Identify data link system indications
  • Verify data link systems prior to flight requiring FANS-1/A+
  • Use the features available on the FMS CDU to monitor and test the data link system
  • State MEL provisions and AFM limitations

Course Outline

Challenger 605 Advanced Avionics/650 Data Link